Hostel & Boarding

Hostel & Boarding Facilities

Griffin Public School takes pride in providing exceptional hostel and boarding facilities that create a warm and nurturing home away from home for our students. We understand the importance of a supportive and comfortable living environment in promoting holistic development and academic success. Here is an overview of our hostel and boarding facilities:

  1. Accommodation: Our hostel offers well-appointed rooms that are designed to provide a comfortable and secure living space for students. Each room is furnished with essential amenities to ensure a pleasant stay, including beds, study desks, storage units, and adequate lighting.

  2. Dormitory Supervision: Our residential staff ensures that students adhere to the established routines, maintain discipline, and follow the hostel guidelines, fostering a conducive living environment for all residents.

  3. Nutritious Meals: Our hostel provides nutritious and wholesome meals, catering to the dietary requirements and preferences of our students. We prioritize the quality and hygiene of the food served, ensuring that students receive healthy and delicious meals.

  4. Study Spaces:  The hostel provides designated study areas where students can focus on their studies, complete assignments, and engage in group study sessions. These spaces are equipped with adequate lighting and comfortable seating to facilitate effective learning.

  5. Health and Safety: Our hostel maintains strict security measures, including controlled access and 24/7 security personnel, to ensure a safe living environment.